She’s so not my type.
They call me Saint Marcus.
I’m the nice Donovan brother. Rational. Reliable. Boring.
Sometimes, I think my whole life is about putting out the fires my brothers like to start.
Case in point, when my brother, Leo, kidnapped/rescued Tia Monani. He says he rescued her, but she says he kidnapped her. So, we’ll just split the difference.
When Leo carried Tia off from under her brother’s nose, her brother went after Tia’s closest friend, Celine Kramer.
I was charged with keeping Celine safe. If only it were so simple.
Celine is a foul-mouthed, troublemaking stripper, who doesn’t seem to get that I’m trying to help her.
Saints don’t deserve to be in hell, right?

It’s so much fun to lead a good boy astray.
I was just minding my business when my best friend ran away from under her brother’s nose. And now, the monster is threatening to hurt my daughter if I don’t tell him where his sister is hiding.
Just as I was about to go into hiding, St. Marcus came riding to my rescue. On a goddamn motorcycle.
Oy, what I’d give to ride that beast!
He’s an uptight, opinionated billionaire who thinks I’m a piece of trash. I’m going to have such a good time proving him right.
And bonus points if I get His Holiness to loosen up.

Can the sinner tempt the saint?
To find out, read The Billionaire and The Stripper.
This is the second book in The Manhattan Billionaires, a funny, high-heat billionaire romance series set in glitzy, glamorous New York.