All she wants is revenge.

Nine years ago, His Highness Randheer Singh Shekhawat broke Princess Diya Sisodia’s heart, and the betrayal almost destroyed her.
Nine years later, she’s built a life and a career for herself that has no place for love. No place for him.

When life turns on her, Diya finds herself back right where she began. About to be married to the man of her childhood dreams. But those dreams turned into nightmares a long time ago, thanks to Dheer.

Marrying him will protect the life she has carved out of her pain and tears but at what cost?
He might think they can pick up right where they left off, but Diya swears to make him pay for every tear she has shed because of him.

“Fasten your seatbelt, Your Highness. The rest of your life is going to be miserable.”

All he wants is her.

Nine years ago, Diya was sunshine. His sunshine.
Today, she’s the storm.
An elite supermodel, sought after by designers all over the world, she has the world at her feet. And him too, though she doesn’t know it.
When Diya gets into trouble, it’s Dheer who rides in on his trusty steed to save the day. Except, Diya wants nothing to do with him or the fake marriage he proposes. But when push comes to shove, she has no option but to accept his offer of help.

When fake starts feeling all too real, Dheer is forced to admit that he wants to be tied to Diya for eternity. But memories of his past betrayal keep getting in the way of their love.

Will Diya ever find out the reason behind Dheer’s betrayal? And will his truth wipe out years of pain and heartbreak? Or are the two of them destined for a marital bed strewn with thorns?

Will the princess allow her prince to redeem himself?
To find out, read A Royal Redemption.